Wenger says Tom Cruise can star for Arsenal

The boss of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, recently insisted that the youngster Tom Cruise will be having a positive debut in the Champions League Wednesday when the north London club take on Olympiakos.

Tom Cruise, 18-year-old, is a namesake of the Hollywood hotshot. He has not yet made any first-team appearance. Wenger expects that he will be thrust into the heart of a sporting combat which will see the Greek club in getting a point to pass the group stage.

Arsene Wenger, while making inevitable comparisons to the American actor said, “I do not care about headlines – for me, there is only one Tom Cruise, and it is the one who plays for Arsenal Football Club.”

Wenger also added he has believes that Tom Cruise is a very good footballer. He also mentioned further that he would not like Cruise to be under too much pressure.

The boss said, “If you are in his boots, you would not think for a second that you will play in the Champions League… So it is good for him and the others to get an opportunity in these games.”